Special Sets

Baby Bibs 8 - Set 1

Set 1 - includes the designs to make 15 applique baby bib drawings, complete with funny and sweet sayings along with the 15 sayings as individual designs that you can use on other projects.

In this set you will receive:
designs to create appliqued tee shirts with sayings (for 5"x7" hoop)
18 designs with just the sayings (will fit 4" x 4" hoop)
  instructions and color sheet
  • Choose any fabric for the bibs
  • Use the same color for all text or
  • Pick different colors for each line - your choice!

Please note: The applique bibs require a 5" x 7" hoop (or larger) - the text designs (without the applique) will fit in a 4 x 4" hoop. If you would like just the text, please click here.

These designs draw pictures of baby bibs, they do not create wearable garments.



Set 1 - 18 bib with sayings for 5" x 7" hoop and 18 sayings for 4" x 4" hoop   $12.00
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