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Finding your files on your computer

When you look at filenames on your computer, you should see files that have a "first name" and a "last name" with a period just before the last name.


That last name is actually called an extension. Your embroidery files have an extension specifically for your type of machine (like .pes, or .jef, or .art). When you buy designs online or on a CD, you may receive more than one format. The only way to know which file is the correct format for your machine is to see what the extension is for that file.

By default computers do not show you this extension!

If you have not changed something on your computer, you will not see the extension. This means you could be trying to load the wrong file format to your embroidery machine.

Fortunately, there is a simple, one-time fix for this that you can easily do and that won't hurt anything else on your computer.

Open Windows Explorer and go to a folder that has some embroidery designs in it.

    What you see in the left column on your computer will be different from the image above- it will be based on what is on your computer. The important part is what is in the right window.

    Check your screen to make sure that you are seeing the format for embroidery designs on the end of the file name. If you don't see .PES or .HUS or anything with ".something" at the end of the file name, please do these quick steps:

  • Look in the upper left corner of this open dialog box.

  • Click on the word Organize

  • In the menu that drops down, click on Folder and search options

  • Another dialog box will appear



  • At the top of this box, click on the tab named View

  • In the section under Advanced Settings, click to remove the check in front of Hide extensions for known file types.

  • Click OK to close this dialog box.

Changing this setting will allow you to see the extensions (the letters at the end of a file) so you can find the right format for your machine.

Changing this setting will not hurt any other component or software on your machine. It will simply make working with your embroidery files a lot easier.

This setting will remain "set" even if you power off your computer. This is very helpful and won't cause any problems.

You do not need to change any other settings on this list - even if your list looks different from the one pictured here!

Click Ok to return to Windows Explorer. You can close Windows Explorer now too.


Now when you look at a folder on your computer, you will see the complete name of each file. This setting will remain "on" for you and help you find the proper files for your embroidery machine.