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Free Military Salutes

We originally posted similar designs earlier this year with the idea that they could be used for baby bibs or tee shirts saluting Moms and Dads. So many of you asked about expanding the set that we have reworked all of the designs.

The new designs now provided here are "modular". You can choose the basic design by country and service and sew it out first. Then select the person you want to salute and sew it into the space created by the first design. There is also a blank design for each country that you can use to add your own text.

I am very proud of my daughter who has served in the Navy for nearly 20 years and is now a Chief Petty Officer. This is the sweatshirt I made in her honor.

Currently available, we have salutes for: America, Australia and Canada



My Aunt
My Cousin
My Daddy
My Daughter
My Granddaughter
My Grandson
My Mommy
My Mummy
My Nephew
My Niece
My Son
My Uncle


Please feel free to download and use any or all of these designs in any manner
that will salute and support our troops.

Each set includes an instruction/color sheet.

American Salutes:
Australian Salutes:
Canadian Salutes


Our regular free designs can be found here.

Additional free designs are made available each month through Embroidery Billboard.

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