CD Special

500 Redwork Snowman Designs on CD

In 2007, a wonderful graphic company named Design Stitch gave away a set of free redwork snowman drawings. Since I received them for free, I thought I would pass them on as free designs. Once these were done, I bought a second set of designs from Design Stitch in order to continue making free designs for our Yahoo members. Ten years later, I've purchased an additional dozen sets and received permission from the terrific folks at Design Stitch to alter them so that I could continue making free redwork snowmen. On July 1, 2017, we reached 500 (!) free redwork snowmen!

The entire collection of 500 redwork snowmen with all of the coordinating text
is now available on a CD to make it easier to store and find the designs

  • We have made using the CD as simple as possible - you will put it into your CD drive and the menu with instructions will pop up automatically! If not, click here for step by step instructions.
  • It's a great way to have a back up of this entire series of designs!
  • Because there were more than one snowman on some weeks and more than one text design on some weeks, there are more than 500 Snowmen and more than 800 text designs! The CD has over 1300 designs on it in each format!
  • You will not have to store all of these designs on your computer.
  • You will be able to look up the designs you want on the CD and then copy them to your memory stick, usb key, floppy, your computer or your machine; they won't take up disk space until you need them!
  • This would make a great gift for an embroidery friend!
  • Because a CD can hold so much information, you do NOT need to specify a format when you order - all of these formats will be on one CD:

  • ART (V3 and V4) PES
    HUS VP3

  • The instructions on the CD will help you find the format that you want to use on your machine.

Special Instructions:

All orders go by first class mail (not media mail!). Because of a number of delivery issues, all CDs mailed to US addresses are sent with Delivery Confirmation. We will be happy to mail CDs to addresses outside of the US. The fees for postage are included in the price so no one has to worry about additional charges.

You must make absolutely certain that your email address is correct and that you include your complete mailing address (including zip code) when you make your payment through PayPal. Otherwise we won't be able to reach you!

Please note - we will not use your email address for anything other than contacting you about this cd. We do not store your information online so it can't be "hacked" and we would never give or sell the information to anyone else!

500 Snowman CD - $30.00
(All formats on one CD)


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